Letters to the Editor for May 31, 2012

Letters to the Editor for May 31, 2012

Defeated candidate trying to reinvent herself

To the editor:

Ah, you can tell the silly season is upon us again as the defeated candidates from the 2008 elections try to reinvent themselves as new and more palatable and hope the voters have forgotten what their positions were two years ago.

A classic example was the letter in last week’s Letters to the Editor in area papers from Leanne Kunze.

After stating, "I’m not one for labels," she said she would favor a "progressive libertarian constitutional party, this would be my party," and went on to declare that "as a faithful Christian living in Carver County, I found a better fit in the big tent of the unique Democratic Farmer Labor Party."

If is indeed ironic for a "faithful Christian" who believes in "limited effective and efficient government" to find a better fit in a party that admittedly promotes abortion, homosexual couplings and "marriage," totally opposes amendments to define marriage as a union between a man and woman, vehemently fights against sensible legislation to clean up voter fraud, and has promoted and elected Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar, Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum to represent Minnesotans in Washington, D.C. Now, that’s a "Big Tent!" Big Tent, a circus term, I believe. Well, every circus has to have clowns, but why does the DFL feel compelled to put them in office?

Everyone is judged by the company we keep. Most Carver County folks prefer to elect to office those who mirror their own deeply held values such as limiting government to the role specified in the Constitution (U.S. and state), those who believe in the sanctity of life and protect it from conception to natural death, those who don’t believe in changing the definition of marriage to include homosexual couplings, those who believe in working hard to improve your lot in life and not resorting to voting to take from others what they have earned.

Carver County has a pretty good record of electing people to the legislature who support these values, such as Ernie Leidiger (Kunze’s presumed opponent).

It is not a good idea to overlook Kunze’s lobbying efforts at the capitol in behalf of AFSCME, a disgraced lobby that is always "feeding the beast." Leanne Kunze – please tak off the mask!

Mike Burns


Important property tax vote coming up in North Dakota

To the editor:

Every year, at least every election year, government officials tell the voters that it’s their duty to demand accountability from them. North Dakota property owners, tired of a tax that was taking their homes from them, took their elected officials at their word. Waiting year after year for Legislative accountability on a tax that could not be controlled wasn’t working. So, they decided that now was as good time as any to eliminate it themselves.

This month they will vote on a State-wide, citizen-initiated, constitutional amendment to eliminate property taxes altogether. It’s a vote that’s long overdue and not just in North Dakota. Whether or not the measure passes this time, the fact that citizens have taken the opportunity to permanently free their homes from the threat of government tax forfeiture is historically significant to property owners in every State.

All of the arguments against the Amendment boil down to this, "This amendment may appear to be a tax cut but, it will force other taxes to go up in order to compensate." Experience has clearly demonstrated the flaws in this argument. No one denies that other taxes will necessarily increase. However, the purpose of this amendment is to protect private property rights by cutting a tax that needs to be cut.

A fiscally-sound tax policy that protects the property of those who pay for government cannot be accomplished with a property tax. It can be accomplished through the remaining taxes available – income and various consumption taxes; both of which can be controlled by the citizens.

This approach will automatically and clearly link the ‘health’ of the State’s economy with government taxation. When the private sector economy suffers, the transparent reason will be the unwarranted interference of government spending.

Creating an affordable and stable tax system is the standard of good government but, any tax to pay for that government must provide for taxpayer control beyond just elections and hoping for the best. North Dakota citizens have discovered an important concept. Anytime is a good time for them to fix a bad government policy.

Charles de Rondeaux