New test scores reflect well on Central

Corlett’s Cracker Barrel
By Brian Corlett

The first real milestone in a student’s life will happen for 85 of our kids this Friday as we send them across the stage and into the real world for the first time. This is always a somewhat bitter-sweet event with lots of smiles and tears at the same time from the students and their families. We certainly wish these young men and women well as they make their way to their lots in life. Congratulations to all graduates and their families.

We had something to celebrate that we haven’t seen in Central Public Schools since the 2000-2001 school year happen just two Fridays ago. Our boys’ golf team won the conference championship on the final hole of the match by beating Jordan on their home course. That is the first time ever for the golf team to win this championship, but coupled with the football team’s win of the title last fall, that brings two conference championships to our district for the first time in a dozen years since both the boys and girls took the cross country titles in the same year. Our baseball and softball teams took second and were right in the running so it could well have been four for the year, and what a year that would have been. Congrats to Coach Willhite and the Central linksters on their great season.

As the Minnesota Department of Education has reported through the media recently, the new assessment ratings that are aligned with the waiver the state received from the Federal Department of Education dealing with the No Child Left Behind Act have been released. Once again Central Public Schools have a great deal to be proud of when it comes to our test scores. Schools are given a multiple measures rating (MMR) based on proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction, and at the high school level, graduation rate.

Our elementary MMR was 54 percent. However, our proficiency in all sub-groups in 2011 was 100 percent and our student growth was very good. Our middle school had a 62 percent MMR, which is one of the better ranks in the area. Our High School boasts an MMR of 97 percent, which speaks for itself as one of the best anywhere in the state. These ratings are an average of 2010 and 2011, and new ranks will be released later this summer based on 2012 data.

I couldn’t be more proud of our students, staff and parents for their contributions to our continued success. See you in the paper.

Brian Corlett is superintendent of Central Public Schools in NYA. Corlett’s Cracker Barrel is a regular feature of the NYA Times.