City of Mayer takes measures to protect public water supply

By Emily Hedges

If you want to dig your own well in the City of Mayer, you better be further than 1,000 feet from where city water is available.

During the May 29 regular meeting, the city council voted to pass Ordinance 180, which adds to an existing city code prohibiting the drilling or installation of new private wells for domestic use on any property to which city water utility service is available within 1,000 feet.

Members and city staff agreed the measure was necessary to protect the public water supply. The change comes as a result of a property owner inquiry.

Mayer has a formal wellhead protection plan through the Minnesota Department of Health in which the city is required to delineate, inventory, and manage an inner wellhead management zone. The goal is to prevent drinking water from becoming polluted by managing potential sources of contamination in the area, which supplies water to a public well.

In other business, the council: