Election filing closed June 5

Filing for state and county seats up for election this November came to a close on Tuesday afternoon, several hours after this edition went to press. As of Tuesday morning, numerous candidates had filed for those seats.

Because of redistricting at the county level, all five Carver County Commissioner seats will be on the ballot this November, and all five incumbents will seek re-election. Gayle Degler, (District 1), Tom Workman (District 2), Randy Maluchnik (District 3), Tim Lynch (District 4) and Jim Ische (District 5) have all filed. Other candidates to have filed as of Tuesday morning include Donald T. Smith and Bethany Tjornhom in District 2, Vince Beaudette in District 3, Frank Long and Steve Duske in District 4, and Jim Walter in District 5.

Every state senate and state representative seat will also be up for election in November, also because of redistricting. Incumbent state senator Julianne Ortman, a Republican, has already filed in District 47, and incumbent state representative Ernie Leidiger, also a Republican, has already filed in District 47A.

Also having filed for the District 47 state senate seat as of Tuesday morning are Bruce R. Schwichtenberg, a Republican, and James F. Weygard, a DFL candidate. In District 47A, Keith Pickering, a DFL candidate, had also filed as of Tuesday morning.

Three candidates have also filed for the Soil and Water Supervisor seats in Carver County. Ted Beise has filed in District 1, Harland Dobratz has filed in District 2 and Bill Bohnen has filed in District 3.