Home repairs a worthwhile investment

Joanie’s Journal by Joanie Buettgen

In this day and age, all Americans are trying to save a buck. Sometimes we win the battle. Sometimes it’s an uphill struggle. Many of us try to keep our stash of cash for a rainy day. Others try to save for that dream vacation.

Lately, I’ve been successful at saving a couple of hundred dollars. I accomplish this by coupon clipping, watching for clearance sales, and checking the Web before I head out to shop.

In early spring, Mark and I decided to remodel our home. It’s actually been fun. I know what you’re thinking. Is she kidding us!? Remodeling is supposed to be a huge headache. To some it can be aggravating, and frustrating. And sometimes it breaks the bank. But if you stick to your budget, learn to say "No", and wait for the right price, you’ll save a ton.

I’d like to add, we contacted local contractors to secure a couple of bids. Then we made an informed decision to start this project. This was huge. And it felt great to keep our dollars in Carver County.

We live in a 1915 Craftsman style home. Our beloved abode was built sturdy. The carpenter who swung his hammer did an excellent job. Our home has stood the test of time and many strong storms. I believe this man did so with a growing family in mind. In addition, he knew this structure would be treasured and the repairs kept up. Our two-story home has leaded glass windows, a built in oak hutch, and plaster walls.

When we purchased this glorious dwelling, we bought so as an investment. Like many young couples, with small children, we purchased it as a fixer upper.

I’m hopeful that with the current housing market, sales will continue to be on the rise. With had this in mind, this was the determining factor to delve into this venture. And if you haven’t noticed, many For Sale signs have now turned into Sold signs in and around town.

Well, time will tell if all of our hard work has paid off. All that I can say is when I come home from a hard days work, kick off my shoes, and feel the plush chocolate carpet under my toes, I know that a Sold sign will be posted soon.

Joanie Buettgen’s "Joanie’s Journal" is an occasional feature of the Carver County News. To view her blog, visit joanie19.wordpress.com.