Long will run for commissioner seat in District 4

Frank Long, small business owner and resident of Watertown, recently filed his candidacy for District 4 Carver County Commissioner.

Long, who has been a landscape contractor since 1994, has been actively involved in state politics for many years. He also has extensive experience in dealing with federal, state, and municipal government agencies from his work in petroleum and groundwater contamination cleanup and remediation around the country prior to settling in Minnesota.

Long said lower spending and taxes are his No. 1 priority.

"Since 2002, the population of Carver County grew 32 percent, while per capita spending rose 55 percent, and the 55 percent tax increases were in previous budgets passed by the commissioners holding office now," Long said. "If the existing board can’t hold the line with spending in a bad economy, what’s going to happen once the economy improves?"

According to Long, during this time, staff and departments have multiplied exponentially, and the Carver County government and staff have moved closer and closer to what he called the Hennepin County model.

"I moved to Carver County in 2006 to escape consistently escalating property taxes in Hennepin County," Long said, "so now I’m taking a stand against this happening here. This out-of-control spending and bureaucracy has to stop."

Long said his other priorities include: