VFW Ladies Auxiliary sponsors poetry contest

The Waconia VFW Ladies Auxiliary recently held a poetry contest. All local schools were able to participate. Students in grades 3-4 were asked to create an eight-line rhyming poem about the American flag or patriotism and students in grades 5-6 were asked to create a 12-line Ode to the Flag.

Grades 5-6

1st Place

American Flag

Oh, it’s a rectangle and it’s a square

13 stripes and stars everywhere

Betsy was the girl who made our flag,

She sat in her chair day after day

Who came through the night to

fight, fight, fight!

Who stands for our freedom,

Oh that’s right!

You gave me special words

for the world to hear,

They stand for the things

we hold so dear.

We hang it high for all to see,

No one can be more proud

than you and me.

Elizabeth Leuthner

St. Joseph’s School, Gr. 5

2nd Place

Why do we have our flag?

I don’t exactly know.

Is it just an American tag,

that really likes to show?

It has blue and white stars

that light up the night,

It also has these bars of

beautiful red and white.

Outside, it billows very slow,

So long it almost touches the floor

I think it helps Americans grow,

So let’s move it with dignity and more.

Now I know why we have our flag,

To realize it’s our friend!

I congratulate the red, white, and blue,

By saying "The End."

Austin Swick

Clearwater Middle School, Gr. 5

3rd Place

Ode to America

Oh how freely you flew

The flag flies high

Your stars shined true

Up in the sky

You are the Red White and Blue

Our country must try

Our country shines bright

Because we know the flag’s right

We won’t let you pass us by

Give us freedom or let us die

We must try to fight

And finally see the winning light

Jake O’Shea

St. Joseph School, Gr. 6

Honorable mentions

American Flag

Ode to the United States Flag.

50 stars and 13 stripes

Flying in the wind, so bright.

A sign of freedom in the night.

It makes our country so bright.

Justice and unity for all to see.

So patriotic and free,

You make our country

stand together and fight.

Glimmering, shimmering,

You make the world see,

How great the USA can be.

Flying in the sky, is the USA flag.

Libby Klima

St. Joseph School, Gr. 5

The American Flag

Oh our beautiful flag

swaying and waving

how lucky we are to be free

for all to be proud of and see

Oh our beautiful flag swaying and waving

it’s red, white, and blue

with stripes and stars too.

Oh our beautiful flag

swaying and waving

it’s the American Flag

Oh God bless our flag,

our beautiful American flag.

Evelyn Willenbring

St. Joseph School, Gr. 5

Red, White and Blue

Billows in the sky

High and Mighty

Symbol of freedom

13 original colonies

50 nifty united states

Soldiers fighting for the nation

They are brave to fight for us

When they raise up the flag we know,

That they never gave up

and that’s why we call them brave

That makes America beautiful

United States of America

Erin Conley

Clearwater Middle School, Gr. 5

The Stars and Stripes.


The Red, White and Blue.


The Pledge of Allegiance.








John Brose

St. Joseph School, Gr. 6

Grades 3-4

First Place

The flag that is red, white and blue.

The flag that is so proud and true.

When that wind goes, you have that beautiful sound.

And you should never touch the ground.

Here are the rules to you, O Flag.

You should never be

treated just like a rag.

When you are flying high at night.

You should be seen with a bright light.

Camilla David

St. Joseph School, Gr. 3

Second Place

The Flag

Our flag is red, white, and blue.

That’s why I love you.

Seven stripes are red and six are white

And 50 stars that are bright.

The flag waves around

like an eagle that soars.

We won our freedom from our wars.

The flag is a symbol of freedom for me

And our country is free.

Brenden Sieve

St. Joseph School, Gr. 3

Third Place

Our Beautiful Banner

Our flag stood through the night

During the long and hard fight.

It didn’t fall

That night at all.

You stand for us all

So glorious and tall.

We honor you today

As we shout hurray!

Katie Ulrich

St. Joseph School, Gr. 3

Honorable Mentions

Red, White, and Blue

Red, White, and blue the colors that flew.

High in the sky so loyal and true.

Our flag that flew in the night sky,

That’s what happened in the war, no lie.

It was made by Betsy Ross

and improved by the boss.

It is a symbol of the free

and was made for you and me.

Valerie Johnson

St. Joseph School, Gr. 3

Our Flag

Old Glory our flag,

you flew through the night,

You flew through the night,

in the big fight.

You stayed until morning,

You gave them warning.

With you by my side,

I’ll try not to hide.

You have always been here with manner,

Because you’re

the Star Spangled Banner.

Isaac Schiffler

St. Joseph School, Gr. 3

I Love the Flag

I love the flag!

It stand high in the air.

The women who made

you had some hair.

She loved making you I bet.

I’m pretty sure she has a pet.

You stand so high and beautiful.

You are dutiful.

You are pretty just like a butterfly.

I love seeing you fly.

Caroline Kohls

St. Joseph School, Gr. 3