Both amendments deserve passage this fall

To the editor:

It is a gross understatement to say that this falls election is an important event.

It is our opportunity to reset the priorities of less government spending while encouraging economic growth. From school boards to the Oval Office, we need a serious reality check with what government is doing. In addition to this, Minnesotans have two important amendments that must pass. The Minnesota Marriage Amendment is important as it defines what a family is – the basic unit of society.

The creation of a family is clearly a necessity to nurture the next generation. Numerous studies document that the optimal setting for raising a child is in a home with a father and mother. The sanctity of that must be guaranteed by definition. To date, 32 states have similar laws in their constitutions. The passage of this amendment doesn’t preclude others from their alternative lifestyles. I guess the obvious needs judicial protection in these "modern times."

The Voter ID Amendment is of greater importance in my view. It is necessary to have elections where the highest level of voter integrity is ensured. Voting is too important not to have measures in place to keep everyone honest.

This freedom to choose can no longer be watered down with "same day registration" and "vouching." I want this freedom to be available but not without limitations. By that I mean we need to ensure that those who vote, deserve to participate. Voting shouldn’t be a cavalier event whereby someone can "vouch" for your identity. Submitting a utility bill as "identity" encourages fraud. Yes, there are exceptions that can be accommodated.

The "other side" likes to argue that any photo identification law will "disenfranchise" the poor and elderly. To that I say, voting is an act that comes with some responsibility. Voting is serious business which sets the stage for future directions of government. Do you know the issues, the candidates positions and the implications of your decisions? If not, stay home.

Submitting a valid photo ID is commonplace in order to engage in commerce. A valid ID is needed in many aspects of life, such as obtaining medical services, life insurance policies, taking college entrance exams, buying tobacco, liquor or a firearm, boarding an airplane, driving a car, getting a hunting/fishing license, obtaining a passport and dozens more. Surely voting can be elevated to these realities! If you truly value your right to vote, then you will be properly documented, right?

The recent lawsuit to stop the amendment, by the American Civil Liberties Union, Common Cause and the League of Women Voters is a fallacious attempt to hide their real motive. Using the facade that the Voter ID amendment is "misleading," these groups who claim to champion democracy, want it stricken from the ballot.

In my view, they want the condition to continue where fraudulent votes can evade the system. Hopefully the court will dismiss their attempt to stop legitimate legislative action. If you are too lazy to get a free valid photo ID, then I don’t want you voting!

While people struggle worldwide for the ability to have valid elections, we have already paid the price. Fort Snelling National Cemetery is a sacred place. The rows of white tombstones attest to the sacrifice of too many Americans. Failure to pass this amendment diminishes their "last full measure." Let’s all "vouch" for their service by passing Voter ID by a wide margin.

Joe Polunc