St. Boni council says, 'get the roof fixed or else'

By Emily Hedges

The owners of the property at 4134 Main Street in St. Boni better get their roof fixed, or the council plans to fix it for them.

In a public hearing prior to the June 20 regular meeting, the council expressed its desire in no uncertain terms for the property owners to get the work done.

The roofing permit applied for in December 2010 and picked up in April 2011 expired without the work being completed. In December 2011, Fire Chief Shane Weber made an inspection of the property and noted the immediate need for roofing to be replaced to meet city code for property maintenance.

The most recent permit expired on June 1, 2012, so the property owners were in attendance to request an extension. The council granted an additional 30 days, but not without expressing frustration at the process.

"Get the roofing work finished and this all goes away," said Council Member Jim Rudnicki.

If the property owner fails to make the required improvements within the 30 days, the city will make the repairs and send them the bill.

In other matters, last April, the council instructed City Engineers Bolton & Menk to move ahead with a pilot study to look at how to remove iron and manganese from city water, which caused many residents’ water to run red.

During the June 20 regular meeting, the council received the pilot water treatment study, along with recommendations and a schedule to compete needed modifications to the city’s water treatment plant. Construction is slated for December 2012 – May 2013. The full report may be viewed at City Hall.

In other business, the council accepted a bid from Pride Construction & Excavating for $3,250 for work on Bell and Steiner Streets; and $28,600 for work to Shirley Logelin Memorial Park and additional parking at the City Offices.