Ortman earns writers' votes in August primary

To the editor:

I have lived in Carver County all of my life, raised my family here and I served the community as a County Commissioner from 2000-2006. I am writing today in support of the re-election of my friend Julianne Ortman to the Minnesota Senate. We are very fortunate to have someone with her experience and energy to represent us in St Paul.

Julianne is a voice of reason and principle in the Senate. I have watched her in St Paul challenge the DFL leadership and Governor Dayton with facts and logic. She presents winning arguments in committee hearings, on the Senate floor, and in the media. She always does it with an amazing amount of courtesy (that is not always deserved) but she demonstrates her respect for our State and all of its residents and elected officials.

I served with her for two years on the County Board of Commissioners and followed her lead in efforts to cut the budget, reduce property taxes, and improve accountability by insisting the County televise meetings and publish a code of ordinances. In this most recent legislative session, I once again saw her fighting for these same principles in the Senate: cutting the budget, reforming property taxes and modernizing the Court system.

Julianne Ortman is our choice to represent us in the Senate. We have high expectations for Carver County and she has lived up to all of them. We hope you will join us in supporting her with our votes on August 14.

Paul & Linda Neumann