Voter ID is all about voter suppression

To the editor:

It is rather amazing how there is such a nation-wide effort of voter suppression under the guise of voter fraud prevention. It suggests the Republicans are trying to use "the end justifies the means" to win elections by making it more difficult for some groups of people to vote at the polls.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the new photo ID requirement to vote, for example, affects mainly the elderly, college students and minorities who often vote more for Democrats but often times would not have a government issued photo ID? This new requirement has been implemented only in those states which have Republican-controlled legislatures and governors as a way to win close state elections and hopefully oust President Obama in November.

The loss of close elections is especially true here in Minnesota where both Governor Dayton and Senator Al Franken won by small margins. Rather than winning elections by convincing voters with their political arguments, they have resorted to various forms of voter suppression using the unproven argument of voter fraud. The only fraud is that there is no voter fraud that caused the Republicans to lose these close elections.

John Norman