Won't vote for Obama supporters

To the editor:

President Obama mocks our Constitution and is making law without the benefit of Congress. He admits that Congress had rejected similar laws and claims that entitles him to act at his discretion. Yet, no Minnesota Congress person has called for impeaching President Obama for dictatorially usurping Congress’s legislative powers. As we get closer to November might he, at his discretion, chose not to enforce the electoral laws? Or chose to not prevent thugs from blocking the entrances to polling places?

The Democrats should be singled out because they bear the responsibility of supporting President Obama’s pattern of unconstitutional actions since January 2009.

Call and remind Amy Klobuchar, Keith Ellison, Tim Walz, Betty McCollum, and Collin Peterson of their oath to defend the Constitution and their obligation to take action. If they don’t, the punishment is quite simple. We should remove them from office with our votes and by donating funds to their opponents.

John L. Berg

Long Lake