City's Public Services adds to quality of life

To the editor:

A new resident in our neighborhood recently commented on the benefits of living in Waconia. Her observation is a result of the foundation that taxes and government, including Public Services, provide for our community. A recent open house hosted by the city’s Public Services Department at 310 10th Street East was attended by this writer, along with other citizens of Waconia; it was eye-opener.

The home-base of Waconia Public Services houses the fleet of equipment for maintaining Waconia’s physical infrastructure, and the process of providing millions of gallons of water for all.

While viewing the facilities and listening to the department employees during the open house, it was apparent that our Waconia Public Services personnel (1) work as a team, (2) are committed to service, and (3) are conscious about saving tax-payer dollars.

The mantra to decrease taxes and government is a concern, and this writer has a different view. Taxes and government are necessary to support the quality of life we want and have in Waconia.

This includes the day-to-day maintenance of our streets, parks, trails, and utilities, along with their support of community events such as the recent Governor’s Fishing Opener, Half-marathon, Triathlon, Band Festival and the on-going Music in the Park series.

Thanks to Public Services personnel:

Street Department: Justin Sorensen, Erick Geyen, Pete Storms, Mike Dressel, Kelly Wagener; Utilities Department: Jeremy Bakke, Jeff Hilgers, Brian Vos; Parks Department: Al Melchert, Hans Rowe; Seasonal: Eric Wahlund, Jake Kemnitz, Spencer Hilgers, Chuck Smothers; Mechanic: John Tietz; Marnie Lehrke, Office Assistant; Doug Bode, Utilities Supervisor; Don Moldenhauer, Street Supervisor; Craig Eldred, Public Services Director.

Our new resident’s observation is a positive reminder about why we have government and why we pay taxes to maintain the quality of life that we have come to know and to appreciate in Waconia.

Darrol Bussler