Local businesses deserve support of community

To the editor:

I am completely dumbfounded by our local government’s decision to help fund a new restaurant in town. With tax breaks and loans totaling over $400,000, what are they thinking?

We have numerous businesses in town that could use the same breaks. Why not use this money to support those local businesses that have been around, hired locals, and struggled in this economy? Not only will this new restaurant compete with the current ones, the existing restaurants’ tax dollars will help to fund their competition … how is that fair?

I have talked to numerous folks about this issue and the apathy is incredible; they know that there is nothing we can do to stop City Hall from doing what they want, "So why bother?" I have made my objections known to the Mayor and did receive a response, but all of this will still go forward.

On another note, we need to continue to support our local business in this town before it is too late. With the struggles of these mom and pop operations, we need to make an effort to support them all in this down economy. Most have been here for years serving the local community with pride, and we need to make sure that we reward their hard work and faith in this community. Think about where you can shop or dine locally before heading to the big box stores or the video kiosks.

We also have an amazing resource for local produce, tips on gardening and just plain great conversation right down the road At the Farm. If you have not been there you do not know what you are missing.

Brian O’Neil