Notice of Public Meeting

Proposed Guidelines for Grant Program for Capital Improvements to Public Infrastructure to Reduce Inflow and Infiltration (I/I)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012,

3:00 p.m.

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) will conduct a public meeting to provide information and receive public comment on how to allocate $4 million in grant funds (that were appropriated as part of the adopted 2012 State Bonding Bill) to municipalities within the Council’s jurisdiction. In addition, this grant program is expected to include some unspent monies from a similar 2010 appropriation.


To be eligible for a grant, a city must be identified by the Metropolitan Council as a contributor of excessive I/I.

Grants from this appropriation are limited to 50 percent (maximum) of the cost to mitigate I/I in a publicly owned municipal wastewater collection system. If more grant money is requested than available, the Council has developed a proposed allocation method. Dates of eligible spending and dates for the award process are also proposed.

The proposed guidelines will be presented at the public meeting for public review and input, and are available at:

Meeting Details