Writer urges 'no' vote in November

To the editor:

Certainly this fall’s election is important. But for a much different reason than given by Mr. Polunc (Guest Opinion, June 21, 2012).

Marriage matters. It is a covenant of mutual promises, commitment and hope. A loving relationship of this kind is not limited to opposite gender couples.

The friends and neighbors I know that are same gender couples in committed relationships demonstrate the kind of loyalty and love that any child would be blessed to belong to and the children in them are thriving.

We know that many traditional marriages do not have the staying power or the capability to provide a loving home for their families. Gender does nothing to guarantee the optimal setting for raising a child. Family comes in many forms and needs to be honored and given the respect and status and accountability given to traditional marriage.

Same gender couples should not be relegated to second-class citizens as this amendment would insure.

Regarding the Voter ID Amendment – the proposed amendment is fixing something not broken. It will create significant hardship for the poor, immigrants, handicapped and elderly to obtain this unspecified identification.

All Minnesotans should have the right to vote without expensive barriers. And this unneeded amendment will cost millions of dollars as it requires different ballots and security to incorporate into our voting system.

It will also delay the voting process because same day registrations will have to be validated. Please vote no in November.

Judy Solmonson

St. Paul