Voter ID is long overdue in Minnesota

To the editor:

In response to my friend John Norman’s letter last week accusing the Republican program requiring a voter ID to vote of being a plan to suppress voter turnout: I must point out that this charge by the Democratic party is blatantly false and deliberately misleading. The simple purpose (which is long overdue) will in fact encourage a better turnout, because it improves the integrity of the voting process.

We know, in fact, that in close elections across the United States, there has been voter fraud discovered after the election takes place. In Minnesota, i.e. Coleman and Franken, Minnesota is No. 1 in voter fraud discovery. We are required to use ID cards for numerous purposes, such as travel, business, banking, buying alcoholic beverages, etc. Is not the right to vote more important than these?

Why would anyone or any political party not want to use a safety measure like voter ID, unless they want to keep the ability to use fraudulent voting blocks to gain or maintain power? I have been studying voting issues for 50 years, and this effort to improve the integrity of the voting process is a grass roots effort, from the bottom up, not from the top down.

It is interesting to note the President, by executive order, put in place a temporary two-year, stop-gap measure dealing with thousands of illegal immigrants before next elections. Why two years? Why now? Is it possible they have a plan to get these folks to the polls not needing an ID card to vote? To be fully enlightened on this issue, google the organization Minnesota Majority. Vote yes for voter ID.

K.J. McDonald