Letter incorrectly represents Obama

To the editor:

I read with interest the June 30 Letter to the Editor which states that President Obama mocks the Constitution and dictatorially usurps Congress; the letter writer further speculates that the President may be considering bypassing the election laws this fall, or perhaps even planning to send thugs to the polls to threaten voters. I would think such strong rhetoric might be supported by facts, yet a single example of the egregious behavior alleged in the letter was not provided. I found the language and sentiments of this letter to be typical of a certain mindset. In my view, the product of such hyperbole is a mythical President, a man who does not in fact exist, a creation of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News as equally full of distortion and misinformation as it is light on rational discourse and facts. My sense is that the letter reflects on the current state of the high-jacked conservative movement far more than it does on President Obama.

Mary Katherine Mahoney

Long Lake