Local chiropractor to celebrate new ownership with "Re-Grand Opening"

By Matt Bunke, Community Editor

It’s certainly has been a busy year so far for Dr. Heather Kary.

The Watertown chiropractor, who has an office at the corner of Lewis Avenue and White Street, has been busy planning a September wedding, obtaining a new sports medicine certification, and even becoming the owner of her own clinic. Kary has practiced at her current location since 2004, but didn’t become the owner until this year. She’s planning on celebrating her new ownership, along with all the other excitement in her life, with a Re-Grand Opening the week of July 16-20.

"We’ll have goodies every day, a drawing for Caleb’s Cash at the end of the week, and patient specials all week," Kary said.

Kary opened the clinic in 2004 for a doctor in Jordan. She had full reign over the clinic, but did not own it until January. At the end of her original contract, she had the option to purchase the clinic, which she did. At that time, the name changed from Chiropractic Specialists to Chiropractic Specialists of Watertown.

"Nobody really knew there was another owner," Kary said. "Most people just assumed I owned it because I’m the only doctor in here 99 percent of the time. I had free range what I was going to do here, but at the beginning of year, I had the opportunity to purchase it."

That was just about a month after Kary became engaged to Kyle Jarvis, who also works in the clinic as the office manager, in November. Around that same time, Kary was also busy obtaining her CCSP, or Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician license, which requires 140 hours of training and passing a national test.

"It has been a whirlwind eight months," said Kary, who is also busy organizing the grand parade for this year’s Rails to Trails festival.

Kary said she is excited both to own her own clinic and to have her CCSP. While she enjoys treating all her patients, she said she’s especially excited about the new sports medicine aspect of her practice.

"I like working with athletes," Kary said. "I was an athlete growing up, so it’s nice, especially with basketball, softball and volleyball, because that’s what I played when I was younger."