Show me facts, not opinions, on voter fraud

To the editor:

The Republican majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate in 2012 put voter ID on the ballot as a constitutional amendment for November, 2012. Why? They have tried to create "voter fraud" as leprosy spreading throughout our election process with our only cure for voter salvation a constitutional amendment. Republicans are always calling for reducing the size of government. Wouldn’t voter ID require an expansion of government services and additional costs to do that?

There is no question that the Voter ID push in Minnesota, as well as in all of these United States, has been a Republican partisan effort. In Rick Hansen’s book: The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown, I quote: "During the George W. Bush administration, the Justice Department made a big deal of cracking down on voter fraud, organized a special Justice Department unit that managed, over five years of effort, to obtain just 86 convictions." Of those, Hansen wrote, "Just 35 were against individual voters. And of those, not a single one would have been prevented by a photo ID requirement." That special department of justice spent millions of dollars before being dismantled, after several years of nationally embarrassing results. Hansen dubbed them: "The Fraudulent Fraud Squad."

One of the figures that I’ve seen regarding voter fraud in the 2008 Minnesota Senate election had 113 convictions due to felons voting (Minnesota Majority 2011). Rounded up, that’s four-one-hundred-thousandths-of-one-percent [.00004] of the 2.9 million people voting in that election. Those 113 were ineligible to vote, and yet, we don’t know who they voted for in that election! Shame on them. I’d like to know how perpetrators of voter fraud operate. First of all, the outcome of most elections is not known at the time that we vote. How many people would it take under the watchful eyes of election judges to pull off such a conspiracy knowing that the risk of being caught would far outweigh any potential impact that the perpetrators could muster.

Many say that voter fraud is rampant in this state, but I’d like to see those purveyors-of-doom produce the printed facts, not opinions, and show us specifically how, when, and where this has occurred in the state of Minnesota. Please no smoke and mirrors.

So, good neighbors, you need to sort through all the partisan campaign rhetoric, distortions, and lies. Understand why it’s partisan politics. We need to be more concerned with the expansion of civil rights, and not the reduction of them! Ask yourself: Do I really want this to be an amendment to our state constitution?

I’m voting against the Voter ID constitutional amendment.

Nathan J. Johnson