Zion Mayer moves closer to planned improvements

By Emily Hedges

Zion Lutheran School in Mayer took a major step towards planned improvements and expansion of its facility at 209 Bluejay Avenue. During the June 25 meeting, the Mayer City Council approved two variances and the site plan, contingent on a few recommendations by the Planning Commission. The school hopes to begin construction by the end of the summer.

The setback variance allows the new north addition front yard setback at 6.5 feet, which is the same as the existing structure. When the school was first built, the area was zoned Central Business with no setback requirement. Since then, the area was reclassified Public Institutional (P/I), which brought with it a 30 foot setback.

The second variance reduced the amount of off-street parking spaces from 67 to 4, based on the number of off-street parking spaces in the immediate area.

For site plan approval, school officials agreed to a request by the Planning Commission to install sidewalk along the front of the building, and sidewalk or trail all the way to the property line to the north. School representatives did add one condition — the city pays to continue the sidewalk or trail the rest of the way to City Hall. Mayor Chris Capaul expressed his agreement that the city should complete the walkway at the same time. Whether or not it will be a concrete sidewalk or a less-expensive trail will be sent back to the Planning Commission for discussion.

No yard waste in street

It is now against city ordinance for Mayer residents to blow yard debris into city streets because of the impact on the stormwater system. Violators will be subject to a fine not to exceed $300.

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