Letter writer wants support for Mound Historical Society

To the Editor:

What a surprise to hear that the Mound Historical Society does not receive any money from the city and is planning to disband, when Mound is preparing to celebrate in style its 100th birthday.

I am urging the city council to accept funding requests from this organization that is vital to maintain the proud history of our city. Money can easily be found, for example from the new parking lot lit all night long at a cost of several thousand dollars a month (real numbers): installing a motion detector to turn on lights would save big bucks that could be fed back to the Society. Furthermore, it will reduce CO2, mercury and other pollutants emissions from power plants, and therefore help preserve the environment and aquatic life.

This would be an inspiring accomplishment for a small city that prides itself for its lakes and surrounding nature (see the foreword from our mayor on the city’s webpage (http://www.cityofmound.com).

Johann Chemin-Danielson