Medallion hunt to begin Saturday

The idea behind the medallion hunt is for families to get out of the house, have some fun, and to spend some time around Mound.

The lucky sleuth, young or old, who can find this medallion and turn it in for authentication, will receive $500 in hard cold cash. The prize will be awarded from the stage at Surfside Park and Beach on Saturday, July 21.

The prize is expected to be awarded in Surfside Park during the afternoon park renaming ceremony. But the winner is encouraged to turn in the medallion to the city or Spirit of the lakes staff as soon after finding it as possible so proper arrangements can be made.

All ages are eligible, however Mound city employees and City Councilmembers and immediate families are not. Festival officers and staff are not eligible either due to involvement in clue distribution.

All clues will be posted in the morning on two websites. The first is at and the second is at

This is where you will find new clues every day as well as a notice if it has been found and turned in.

The first clue will be posted in the morning of Saturday, July 14 and the last one, if it takes that long, will be on Saturday July 21. Call 952-334-6551 as soon as you find the medallion.

Medallion Hunt Pre-Clues:

"Look high – look low but do not dig. No shovels needed here, nor climb above the earthen realm, be safe in hunting there."

"A park, a road, a lakeside beach where ever could I rest? Public land is all in play for hunting – be my guest."

"Respect all private property – do not enter there. You do not need to anyway to find me in my lair."

"From east to west, from north to south, both high and low in Mound, Good luck to you and all who search exploring all around."