'Rocket Club' to play at Stiftungsfest

This year Stiftungsfest’s outdoor stage will bring two big nights of entertainment.

On Friday, Aug. 24 "Hairball" will start at 9 p.m., playing their famous 80s rock. On Saturday evening, for the first time, the band "Rocket Club" will perform.

Country music’s Rocket Club uses an unusual blend of rich three part harmonies, arena guitar riffs, honest and intelligent song writing, and passionate live shows. This group is steadily bringing their "North Country" style to the world. The group recently played at Winstock, will be playing at WeFest and often plays at Toby Keith’s Bar.

In 2011, Rocket Club’s single "North Country" hit the radio waves and quickly raced up the charts. Other hits, "One Thing Beautiful" and "One more Day" are also played often on the radio. A shared love of song writing and vocal harmonies of classic groups like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Crosby Stills & Nash gave them a common ground to start making music. Country music!

One of the musicians is well-known Chris Hawkey, a morning DJ, producer and sidekick on KFAN’s "The Power Trip Morning Show."

Rocket Club’s warm up band for this show will be "Daisy and the Dukes," singing today’s country rock songs from Carrie Underwood, Blake Sheldon, Meranda Lambert and many more.

Don’t miss this year’s Stiftungsfest celebration Aug. 24-26. Check out Stiftungsfest’s web site at www.stiftungsfest.org for more info.