Letters to the Editor for July 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor for July 26, 2012

Election about saving the economy and family values

To the editor:

Within the past month, there are two topics which deserve closer attention as we head into the fall elections.

By now, you probably have heard clips from President Obama’s recent speech in Virginia. This is where he displayed his true beliefs on free markets, businesses, and the "American work ethic." The President boldly claimed entrepreneurs are really not being responsible for their successes. It is government, he said, which allows businesses to succeed and prosper. In short, the President couldn’t hold back from showing his deep dislike for the American system of free market enterprise – what is left of it.

In a candid display of his socialist values, the President dismissed hard work as not being a component of American success! He worships at the shrine of big government and is doing everything in his power to grow that at the expense of the private sector. There can no longer be any doubt as to his true motives.

So those of you who risked your personal wealth, worked long hours, denied yourself a salary, really owe a debt of gratitude to your government if you succeeded! This is also a slap in the face to the American farmer who works against many headwinds to put grain in the bin, hay in the barn and milk on the table. You too owe your success to the government. These statements should rally those of us who categorically reject this premise and hand Obama a resounding defeat.

The other local issue which needs mentioning is Secretary of State Mark Ritchie’s meddling in the two ballot topics – the Voter ID and the Marriage Amendment. In an obvious attempt to control the outcome, Ritchie has changed the language of each, so as to confuse the voter by legal double speak and to infer the voter is doing something wrong.

This orchestrated confusion is designed to frustrate the voter to the point of not voting. Of course his ally, Attorney General Lori Swanson gave her legal imprimatur for him to act.

While this Democrat power play is not surprising, I am more upset at the lack of Republican response. Where is the "leadership"? Yes, to their credit, some Republican lawmakers have joined in a lawsuit which is being fast-tracked by the end of August. However, I have very little faith in the Minnesota Supreme Court to act responsibly.

Given the hyper attention these two initiatives are getting by the Democrats and their allies, it is evident they are very concerned. In their attempt at defeating "traditional marriage," their goal is to re-define "family values" and to secure the support of the gay/lesbian vote. The defeat of the Voter ID amendment would allow them the ability to continually control the outcome of future elections. Yet they hide behind words such as "inclusive" and "disenfranchise." The fact that these two amendments are needed demonstrates just how far we have fallen.

All this points to the extremely important fall elections as probably the last chance to rescue the economy and save what few traditional family values are left. Hopefully the electorate remains vigilant and focused to do the right thing.

Joe Polunc