Centennial worship brings 200 to Surfside Park and Beach

Over 200 people representing many of the area Mound churches gathered at the Surfside Park and Beach to celebrate the past 100 years of Mound’s history.

The worship was led by the Freshwater Church band and Bridget Larsen, a Mound alumnae and recording artist who flew back home from the East Coast to share her musical gifts. Clergy and other participants were represented from Freshwater Church, Our Lady of the Lake, Fairview Covenant, Bethel United Methodist and MainStreet Covenant.

Prayers were offered for Mound’s past, thanking God for the faithful pioneers who started churches here and for all those men and women who have given their lives as servants of Christ in the city. Prayers were offered for the future generations of Christian leaders God is raising up in this city to carry the torch forward.

Mound’s rich spiritual past was recounted with stories of Billy Graham’s time here in 1950 and Bill Bright’s years of training college missionaries for Campus Crusade for Christ in the early 1960s.

MainStreet Covenant Pastor Jeremy Berg also shared a message that highlighted two of the things Mound is best known for – Lake Minnetonka’s recreational waters and the Tonka Toys factory that began here in 1947. Berg said he challenged Mound to let these waters become a symbol of "God’s re-creational" activity and for Mound to be known in the future, not just for the production of man-made toys that eventually rust away, but for a place where God is at work molding his human masterpieces – divine-image bearers created to go out and live lives that reflect his love and purposes.

The service culminated with an invitation to come to the water’s edge to re-dedicate these shores to God for the next 100 years of Mound’s history. People were invited to stand in the water to remember their baptism or be baptized for the first time.