Letter writer shows support for Minnetrista council members

To the Editor:

While attending the Spirit Of The Lakes festivities I was pleased to learn that Minnetrista City Council member Mark Vanderlinde intends to seek re-election in November, and longtime resident Bob Christians will also be entering the race. Voters may recall that Mark had said he would NOT SUPPORT the proposed new Minnetrista Police Facility if voters were not given an opportunity to vote their approval. Christians and a group of citizens collected petitions of more than 1,000 signatures requesting the right to vote. Council members Lisa Whalen, Al Roers, George Zenanko, and Mayor Cheryl Fischer all voted to deny that right to vote and approve the bonds to build the facility. Mark Vanderlinde voted no.

That new police facility is comparable in size to that in Eden Prairie, ten times the population of Minnetrista, and will cost taxpayers nearly $400,000 each year for the next 20 years. This represents nearly 10 percent of our entire city budget.

Whalen and Roers were each voted out of office in the November 2010 election. Zenanko and Mayor Fischer are both up for re-election in November 2012, should they choose to seek re-election.

Vanderlinde, and 2010 elected council members Anne Hunt and Arlene Donahue have done a tremendous job holding the line on spending considering the large debt they inherited.

While attending council meetings, or watching them on our local TV network, I am very impressed with how well prepared Mark is with the topics being discussed at these meetings. This is a clear signal that he has thoroughly reviewed the material presented to him by city staff the week prior to the upcoming Council meeting. I believe he is a very dedicated asset to our community.

Christians has been the very successful business owner of the Twin Cities leading home restoration contracting company, Christians Inc., for nearly 20 years. He has always taken a very active role in numerous city events, including The Spirit Of The Lakes, Westonka chapter of BNI (Business networking international), Mound Centennial Celebration, in addition to sponsorship of numerous youth athletic teams in Westonka and Waconia. He is also an advertiser and supporter of the WRA athletic fields in Minnetrista.

Christians says he is at a point in his life that he would enjoy the challenge to become more involved in the difficult decisions required to help govern the City of Minnetrista. He feels strongly that all city expenditures should be closely scrutinized to evaluate their importance to the city. His business leadership and experience should lend itself well to that process.

G.W. Wigen

Minnetrista resident for 24 years