Writer supports Pugh for office

To the Editor:

My jaw dropped when I saw Steve Smith was forcing a primary in District 33B at the encouragement of the Service Employees International Union. Talk about a sell out! If the SEIU had its way, housewives watching a few neighbor kids would be paying union dues. Besides that, the SEIU stands for forced unionization of businesses through card check and intimidation. If you have a small business or work for one, you don’t want this guy in office with the SEIU as an ally.

Smith is a turncoat who cares more for the office than the people he is supposed to represent. SEIU popping up proves that. This is his true color – sell out to power over people. The SEIU wants all businesses unionized for the money the leadership makes members pay – not for fair wages and benefits. I have been a teamster and an AFL/CIO member. Unions are great in their place but not when they are trying to buy legislative power through ownership of a legislator.

I support Cindy Pugh. We have to get the word out about who Smith really represents.

Brad Curtis