Writer urges republicans to vote Howard

To the editor

In Representative Erik Paulsen’s 8 July "Paulsen Post," he states:

"Americans deserve a government that works towards meaningful health care reform, and not one that threatens good private coverage, robs $500 billion from seniors, burdens our children and grandchildren with debt, and risks life-saving and life-improving medical device innovation nationwide".

Paulsen is right that "Americans deserve[d] a government that works towards meaningful health care reform," but his examples are deceptive. One in particular, "robs $500 billion from seniors" scares seniors, and is not true. Every fact check debunks that claim. The $500 billion reduces future Medicare growth over ten years. One piece of reducing growth is uncovering Medicare fraud: from 2009 – 2010 $7.1 billion in fraud has been prosecuted. Through identifying and prosecuting just the Medicare fraud piece, our government is vigorously reducing growth toward $500 billion over ten years. How are seniors being robbed when the prescription drug donut hole is closing, and no co-pay preventive care is already in place?

Fortunately, in 2012 Minnesota Republicans have a choice at the Aug. 14 primaries. Erik Paulsen, or a fresh new, non-politician face, John Howard. John’s allegiance is to all the people in CD3, not Grover Norquist or ideological gridlock. John believes in science, specifically addressing the reality of climate change. John supports preventive health care and will work to improve Obamacare, not waffle on what’s actually in the ACA law. Go to JohnHoward3.com for a Republican choice for CD3 representation in the 113th Congress.

Amelia Kroeger