City officials warn water pressure in Maple Plain to decrease

By Amanda Schwarze
Staff Writer

Maple Plain residents will likely soon notice decreasing water pressure in the city.

A renovation and cleaning project at the city’s water tower will require city officials to drain the tower. Water will come from the Maple Pain water treatment plant, but people in the city will experience less water pressure during the project than they usually have, City Administrator Jason Ziemer said.

Work on the tower is scheduled to begin the week of July 30. Ziemer said that city officials will use water from the tower as long as possible before the contractor will need it drained.

Ziemer said that he doesn’t anticipate any changes to residents’ access to water, so people should be able to continue doing chores such as laundry and sprinkling their lawns as usual. The only difference will likely be the change in pressure, he said.

The project, Ziemer said, will include renovations and cleaning at the tower. The work being done is part of regular maintenance to keep the tower in good working condition, he said. The water tower was constructed in 1988 and this will be the first major maintenance project performed on the tower since then.

In the fall of 2010, the Maple Plain City Council hired Kollmer Consultants, Inc. to inspect the water tower.

After more than two decades without any major maintenance, Kollmer officials identified several repair projects for the tower that totaled an estimated $338,3000. In January of 2011, Kollmer President Bob Kollmer told the council that the work should be done to the tower in the next one to two years.

While the tower is due for some maintenance, Kollmer told the council in 2011 that overall it is in pretty good shape.

"This is probably one of the better tanks," he said. "There was nothing I really saw that I would say would be an emergency."

The project is expected to be completed by the end of September.