Maple Plain City Council considers new rental rules

By Amanda Schwarze
Staff Writer

Maple Plain officials are considering creating a set of city regulations for rental properties.

Maple Plain City Administrator Jason Ziemer said that the council spent some time at the end of last year discussing the possible creation of an ordinance that would regulate rental housing in the city. Other city business, though, took precedence and the council recently revisited the issue during a July 23 workshop meeting.

Ziemer said that city officials studied several different ordinances and last year came up with a rough outline of what kind of issues a Maple Plain ordinance might regulate. Among the issues discussed were a requirement for registering and inspecting rental residential units and limiting the number of people who may occupy a unit based on its square footage.

The council decided at the July 23 meeting to take more time to study the draft ordinance and to discuss it further at a future meeting. Ziemer said that if the council does decide to adopt new rental regulations, city officials would hold an open house for property owners.

Late last year, the Long Lake City Council adopted a registration program for owners of rental properties in the city. The program asks that owners of rental properties register with the city so Long Lake officials will have contact information on hand in case a public safety or utility emergency happens at the property. Registration is free.

Long Lake City Administrator Terry Post said that so far city officials have had a fair amount of people register their properties. He said that the city council will likely be updated on the status of the program and the number of rental properties in the city around the end of August.