Diedrick, Leidiger support Schwichtenberg

To the editor:

We are writing to express support for Bruce Schwichtenberg for State Senator in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

A long time Carver County GOP activist, Bruce has dominated the political scene in the area for many years bringing with him principled stances on issues that matter to the people, with unfaltering consistency. His knowledge was honed under fire from first-hand experience with overbearing government regulations. He has continuously fought for cessation of unbridled government spending layered in overt Union favoritism and waste. As manager of the government watchdog program and vice-chair on the party Executive Committee, Bruce brought insight on how mistakes made by people in government end up costing taxpayers. He understands how we got here – how extreme government budgets brought taxpayers to their knees in public debt, debt he does not want passed to his five children.

Grounded in constitutional conservatism, Bruce brings the opportunity for fresh leadership in the Senate that will help bring about spending controls we desperately need. Federal, state and local government spending have led to encroachment on, and in some cases competition with, non-profit and private sector entities. This has led to more pressure put upon job creators, businesses, and individual taxpayers to pay for it all leaving you no choice but to comply and continue to pay. Bruce knows it has to stop and he has the fortitude to prevail.

Leadership comes with the responsibility to consistently do the right thing, not what is popular at the time.

Ernie Leidiger, State Representative

Tina Diedrick, Mayor of Norwood Young America