Election season Letters To the Editor policies

All letters must be signed and include a daytime phone number. Letters should be kept to 350 words or less.

We reserve the right to limit the number of letters published, relating to any candidate or issue, as the volume increases closer to election day. Letters selected will be representative of those submitted and will include both pro and con on a subject when possible. When space is limited, variety in topic and authorship will be given priority.

No letters pertaining to the election will be published the week prior to the election, unless it is a direct response to a new issue raised the week before. This is done in fairness, so no new issues are brought up in the last week without giving an opposing view the opportunity to specifically respond before the actual election.

This means there will be no letters regarding the primary election (unless allowed under the policy) in next week’s Carver County News.

We encourage readers to write letters to the editor concerning elections, but you should not use the opportunity to write letters of simple endorsement ("he’s/she’s a nice person" may not be published or may be withheld depending on space limitations). Please, address an issue that may concern you. Simply saying a candidate is a "swell person" doesn’t carry much weight. No more than one letter per month from the same letterwriter will be accepted.

Submitting a letter does not guarantee publication. The newspaper reserves the rights to accept, edit or deny any letter, solely at its discretion. Letters containing potentially libelous comments, or other material deemed to raise potential legal problems, will not be published, or will be edited appropriately.