Internet service profitable in Cologne

By Paul Downer, Community Editor

Things appear to be headed in the right direction with the new wireless Internet broadband service.

The city had originally approved interim funding from the General Fund in the amount of $200,000 to provide resources to get the service started, but during their meeting on Monday, July 16 council members approved the transfer of $100,000 back to the General Fund.

City Administrator John Douville reported that the Internet service, which is being treated as an enterprise fund, has become profitable this year, so additional reimbursements to the General Fund will be made as funds allow.

The city eventually intends to have the Internet fund be entirely self-sufficient in covering its operating and debt service obligations through user fees.

Douville said there are currently about 227 subscribers, and agreements to provide the wireless Internet service have been signed over large portions of the county. Efforts to improve quality and add more subscribers are continuing.

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