Letters to the Editor for Aug. 2, 2012

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 2, 2012

Writer urges voters to dump ‘spendaholics’

To the editor:

The state is broke, the country’s broke, the world is broke, the schools are broke, the churches are broke, every government agency is broke, and guess what, the taxpayers are broke.

The state still owes Watertown-Mayer Schools $4.2 million.

Lynch and Ische have spent millions on fiber optic, park land, and a paved bicycle trail from Mayer to the Black Hills. If you vote for Lynch or Ische, just sign your paycheck to them at the end of the week. It’s the same thing.

Please, please on Aug. 14 vote for anyone but these two incumbents. We pay Lynch and Ische over $50,000 a year each. That’s the real waste of money. Please respond in the next issue, you two spendaholics. Where has all the money gone?

PS: Do not buy any more ballrooms for $2.5 million with no septic. Better yet, resign.

Al Leuthner


Writer likes Schwichtenberg, Long in primary election

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, in the Minnesota primary election I will be voting for Bruce Schwichtenberg to represent us here in Carver County District 47.

Bruce and his wife Darlene are lifetime Carver County residents with extended families throughout the county. Bruce has the principles and values to keep our communities sustainable. He listens to people and is fiscally conservative. Bruce is a family man, a business man and Christian man. Bruce knows that social concerns are best guided by the laws of God. He knows human dignity is best maintained and nurtured when men and women can work for a living rather than be given handouts. He is unselfish and treats people fairly.

Bruce has been a watchdog for the Carver County GOP board for a number of years. He knows city, county and state government issues. Senator Ortman, in a leadership position, helped increase the state spending $3.9 billion. Her literature states the spending this budget cycle is $35.2 billion. The last session was $31.3 billion. This is not fiscally responsible for "We the People."

I will be voting for Bruce. I believe he can stand true and as a legislator in St. Paul, and that he will mirror our party platform. Please join me.

I will also be voting for Frank Long in the primary. Frank is up to date on county government and will represent citizens of Commissioner District 4 rather than the county in business decisions. Learn more about Frank and county government at www.frank4carver.com.

Mark Wickenhauser

Waconia Township

Writer supports Schwichtenberg for senate

To the editor:

Once again the election season is upon us, with the primary being on Tuesday August 14th.

Some people don’t think primaries are that important, however they are very important.

This year we in Carver County have 3 county commissioners that are involved in the primary race as well as our senate district 47 race. All of these are very important.

This letter is about the Senate race. Our current Senator, Julianne Ortman has been our Senator for the past 10 years and is seeking another 4 year term. Both Julianne Ortman and Bruce Schwichtenberg sought the Republican endorsement. Ballot after ballot the result was 50/50. Thus, the convention body moved to not endorse.

Senator Ortman could not get the necessary votes to receive the Republican endorsement, that in itself should cause one to wonder. Now it is up to the voters to decide in the primary on August 14th who should be on the ballot on Nov. 4.

Those of us watching closely, and know our senator best, (having campaigned for her in the past) have become very disappointed by many of her actions, and think we the people deserve better. When politicians think that they are entitled and have the mentality that we work for them, they frequently get deceptive and disingenuous to constituents; it becomes time to send them back home.

The campaign literature being sent out by our Senator would make one think she is doing well by us. The claims of being conservative and principled. Again, check the records. The Marriage Amendment is an example of her maneuvering on a position that, for a conservative Republican, should have been a "No Brainer." But, to avoid a vote she sided with the Democrats on her committee to table the Marriage Amendment. Thankfully the Republicans on her committee voted to move it forward so the people of Minnesota would have a voice in this matter. She was in turn applauded then condemned by the "Log Cabin Republicans" , a gay organization working within the Republican Party.

Google, "Log Cabin Republicans – Julianne Ortman".

We have increased spending by almost $4 billion dollars. That’s leadership?

As an establishment politician, our Senator has sought the endorsements of many organizations, are these organizations simply banking on a ten year entrenched politician?

As a candidate Bruce Schwichtenberg does not seek to exploit these types of connections from outside the district and instead has been concentrating on Carver County Businesses and the ordinary voters. He has a solid conservative record and reputation of honesty and hard work. That’s the kind of person I believe we need to sent to St Paul to represent us.

Voting is our civic duty but along with that comes a responsibility to know who we are voting for and what the issues are. Our government is a reflection of "we" the voters. The Primary is Tuesday, August 14th. I will be casting my vote for Bruce Schwichtenberg for Senate, I invite you to join me.

Carolyn Hoernemann

Norwood Young America