Local mayor writes in support of Doepke

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Au.t 1h there is a primary election that will decide which Republican and Democratic candidates will be on the official ballot in November. The primary is an important part of the election process because it gives ordinary citizens a voice on who they want to represent their political party in the November election. In Senate District 33, Republican Connie Doepke will get my vote. Connie brings a wealth of experience as a member of the MN House of Representatives for the past four years. She has worked hard at the capital to be fiscally responsible without raising taxes and is committed to keeping government spending in check. Connie is a strong advocate for education and putting our students first. Prior to becoming a legislator, she spent 8 years on the Wayzata School Board and while at the capital supported numerous student centered legislation.

My personal experience working with Connie on Lake Minnetonka issues is what has impressed me the most. She understands that Lake Minnetonka is our areas most cherished natural resource and has worked closely with local officials and experts on the aquatic invasive species issues. Connie is a great listener and has true compassion for her constituents concerns. She is diligent in asking the right questions to understand the heart of the issues. Connie exhibits the utmost professionalism and always takes the high road. She will be the positive force for Senate District 33 that our area deserves. Connie Doepke is the right choice to fill retiring Senator Gen Olson’s seat and will get my vote on August 14th. For more information about Connie and why she is the best choice for Senator in MN District 33, visit her website: www.deopkeforsenate.com

Sarah Reinhardt

Spring Park

Reinhardt is the mayor of Spring Park