Open house set to receive feedback on design of old Highway 12

By Amanda Schwarze

Staff Writer

An open house has been set to give people information and to let them give their input on the future design of County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 112, otherwise known as old Highway 12, through the cities of Long Lake and Orono.

The open house is scheduled to run from 5 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. Aug. 9 in the community room at Lake Community Bank, located at 1964 West Wayzata Boulevard in Long Lake. There will not be a formal presentation during the evening.

After the Highway 12 bypass was built, the section of the old highway from County Road 6 to Highway 12 was "turned back" to Hennepin County. As part of that process, the county will receive about $20 million to reconstruct the roadway.

Long Lake City Administrator Terry Post said that the design planning process will likely take a couple of years to complete.

The open house, he said, is meant to help engineers get a sense of what the community wants to see out of the project.

Additionally, the Long Lake and Orono City Councils also appointed several residents and business owners to an advisory committee. That committee will work with county officials on the design.

While the county does have a pot of money for the project, Post said that there will likely be a cost to the cities depending on the ultimate design. The $20 million is meant for work that is done essentially between the curbs of the road and additional work would be paid for locally, he said. For example, Post said that some functional lighting along the roadway will likely be included in the $20 million, but changing out the functional lighting for lighting with more decorative poles would be done at a cost to the cities.