Writer addresses local Minnetrista council race

To the editor:

It is with dismay and amusement that I read last week’s opinion article from Mr. Wigen. Dismay because he is once again trotting out the misinformation campaign used by his group (Notch, Christians, Hunt, etc.) when they opposed the police facility originally. Amused because it was this same Police Facility, the one they so harangued, that they used as the main selling point in their quest to combine the Mound and Minnetrista Police forces once they realized they would be unsuccessful attempting to do away with the Minnetrista Police force all together.

Just for the record, the Eden Prairie facility being compared mainly holds offices for personnel. Our police facility houses offices, detention cells, meeting rooms, training rooms, and the vehicle garage for the cars. Eden Prairie has other buildings for all those things.

It is this same group (Wigen, Notch, Christians, etc.) that attempted to cripple Westonka Schools with their "don’t spend anything" attitude, even as the buildings decayed and students and parents, which represent income to a school, started looking elsewhere. Luckily for the schools and our communities, we voted the group out of the school board and we are again moving forward.

Now the group is once again targeting the city. Be ready for more misinformation as the election nears. Talk with your neighbors about what is really good for the city. Then you will be able to ignore the falsities and half-truths.

I believe that the current members the group is targeting (Zenanko and Mayor Fischer) have served the community well, and I would understand if they are weary of dealing with this group, but I hope you will all support them if they choose to run or support other candidates that come forward. I believe Mr. Vanderlinde has served well at times, but I personally feel he is too closely aligned with the Group. Right now, my take is that the council has two camps: Hunt, Donahue, Vanderlinde on one side and Zenanko and Fischer on the other. Zenanko and Fischer represent what I consider a reasoned approach to governance. In my opinion, adding others from the Wigen, Notch, Christians, Hunt, group to the council will have a devastating impact on our city.

One personal note: Mr. Wigen, last time I wrote a letter contrary to your opinion you called my house and berated my wife. Don’t do that again.

Todd Barkus

Minnetrista resident for 26 years