Writer claims Doepke will support education

To the editor:

Aug. 14 is an important date in our community. That day is our opportunity to select whom will be placed on the ballot in November to represent us in the Legislature. I encourage you to vote for Connie Doepke for Senator representing District 33, the seat currently held by retiring Senator Gen Olson.

Connie has been our 33B Representative in the Legislature for the past four years. She has been our advocate for issues most important to our community. As a member of the Education Finance, Education Reform, and Higher Education Committees, Connie has been a strong advocate for education of all children, local control of schools, and results. Our community places a high value on education. In order to protect the investment we have made in our schools, we need people representing us that have demonstrated support for education, possess keen understanding of the issues facing our schools, and have sound judgment in making decisions that will impact our schools, our communities, and our state. As a current Minnetonka School Board member, I can attest that Connie possesses all of the above. She has demonstrated her willingness to understand issues from the community, parent, and teacher points of view. She seeks to understand issues and listens to her constituents’ concerns prior to voting. Connie has supported as well as promoted legislation that has been important to our community.

Connie’s professional background as a leader in Fortune 500 companies as well as her experience on the Wayzata School Board provides her with the experience and background to evaluate budgets, discern costs and benefits of proposed legislation, and ultimately make prudent decisions on behalf our community and our state.

Please join me in voting for Connie Doepke for Senator on August 14.

Pam Langseth