Filing for city, school races now open

Citizens interested in serving their communities through local government should note that filing for local city council and some school board races opened at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, July 31 and close at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

In Mound, the four-year council seats of Heidi Gesch and Ray Salazar are up for reelection, as well as the two year mayor seat held by Mark Hanus.

In Minnetrista, three seats are open for election. This includes the two-year mayor seat held by Cheryl Fischer, and two four-year council seats held by Mark Vanderlinde and George Zenanko.

Spring Park citizens will have four different seats to choose from. These seats include the two-year mayor seat held by Sarah Reinhardt, Council Member Joanna Widmer, Council Member Bruce Williamson, and a special election for a vacant council seat left by Tom Scanlon.

In Long Lake, voters will have a selection for a mayor seat and two council seats. The three positions on the ballot include a mayor seat held by Tim Hultmann, and council members Brian Carpenter and Liz Olson.

Maple Plain voters are also voting for three seats this November. The seats include current Mayor John Sweeny and council members Dave Eisinger and Justin McCoy.

In Minnetonka Beach, four city positions are on the ballot. Voters will select a mayor, two city council members and one treasurer. The incumbents are Mayor Joann Anderson, council members Michelle Kroll and Linn Ferguson and Treasurer Rick Skalla.

Orono citizens will be electing a mayor and two city councilors. The terms of Mayor Lili McMillan, Dout Franchot and David Rahn will expire at the end of the year.

The school board seats for the Mound Westonka Public School District and the Orono School District are not up for reelection; those districts holds elections on odd numbered years.

In Waconia, three seats will be open. The seats are currently held by Mayor Jim Nash (2-year term) and councilors Marc Carrier (Ward 1) and Larry Millender (Ward 2). Both councilor seats are 4-year terms. There is a $5 filing fee in Waconia.

The Waconia School Board will also have three seats open, all of which are 4-year terms. Chairwoman Teresa Kittridge and directors Cathy Thom and Don Johnson currently hold these seats. Citizens may file at the district office in Waconia.

In Mayer, three seats will be open. Mayor Chris Capaul (2-year term) and councilors Bruce Osborn and Tice Stieve-McPadden (both 4-year terms) are currently in those seats.

In Cologne, there are also three seats open, currently held by Mayor Bernie Shambour Jr. (2-year term) and councilors Jill Skaaland and Scott Williams (both 4-year terms).

In St. Bonifacius, three seats are available. Mayor Rick Weible (2-year term) and councilors Shawn Ruotsinoja and Jim Rudnicki (both 4-year terms) currently hold those seats.

In New Germany, four seats will be on the ballot. Mayor Jason Kamerud (2-year term) and councilors Ty Turnquist (2-year term) and Shirley Jaeger and Marc Trujillo (both 4-year terms) are the current members of the council.

Laketown Township has one opening for a Township Supervisor (4-year-term). If interested, file with the Town Clerk at the Town Hall (9530 Laketown Road, Chaska).

Camden Township will accept filers for one Township Supervisor and one Clerk (both are 4-year terms). File with the Clerk at the Township Hall (15830 County Road 32, Young America).

In Norwood Young America, three seats will be up for election this year. Those seats are currently held by Mayor Tina Diedrick (two years) and councilors JR Hoernemann and Richard Stolz (four years).

In Hamburg, the three seats up for election are currently held by Mayor Richard Malz (two years) and councilors Larry Mueller and John Mueller (four years).

In Watertown, three seats will be on the ballot. These seats include that of Mayor K.J. McDonald (2-year term) and councilors Rick Mann and Nicholas Hoese. These seats will expire at the end of the year.

The Watertown-Mayer School Board has four seats open, all of which are four-year terms. John McCain, Chad Koehler, Jennifer Hoover and Steve Burns currently hold the seats.

For more information, citizens should contact or visit their local city/township hall and/or school district office.