Ische, Lynch respond to last week's letter

To the editor:

Mr. Leuthner’s opening salvo ties all of our nation’s serious issues into one bundle, and then lays them at the feet of Commissioners Lynch and Ische. We think everyone knows the county commissioners are not the cause of $4.2 million "that the state still owes Watertown-Mayer Schools"; nor are we responsible for any decision made by federal or state officials that may have caused, "everyone to be broke," as stated by Mr. Leuthner.

Mr. Leuthner mentions pay. He fails to mention the fact that Carver County has the lowest paid commissioners in the seven county metro area, and the commissioners have actually taken pay freezes and pay cuts over the past five years, and both Lynch and Ische voted in favor of those freezes and cuts; the Carver County Commissioners actually make less now than they did six years ago just as many of our friends and family do.

"Spendaholics," as we were called by Mr. Leuthner, would not have worked so hard (and been successful) in reducing the county’s portion of real estate taxes during the past eight years; "spendaholics" … ? We think not.

Commissioners Tim Lynch and Jim Ische

P.S. The paved Dakota Rail Trail stops at the county line … not the Black Hills.

Editor’s note: Although the newspaper’s policy does not normally allow election letters to run the week before an election, this letter was accepted to allow the letter writers a chance to respond to issues that were raised in a letter from last week.