Ortman's campaign responds to letter

To the editor:

I have followed politics for the past 25 years, and worked with many legislators in different states on many issues, and the simple truth is: Julianne Ortman is one of the hardest working, most effective legislators I have ever seen.

The Star Tribune recently called her a "legislative powerhouse" and here is an example of what they mean. As Chair of the Senate Tax Committee she turned a $6 billion budget deficit into a $1 billion surplus without raising taxes.

Last week in a letter to the editor, Carolyn Hoernaman tried to criticize Senator Ortman for not cutting more from the budget two years ago. However, Ms. Hoernaman’s candidate was asked "what state services should be cut?" by the Chaska Herald last week, he could not identify one program or one dollar of cuts! We deserve better.

I have had the pleasure of working with her family and campaign team and experiencing the fantastic support she receives from her constituents, volunteers, and fellow legislators. Join me in voting for Julianne Ortman for State Senate on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Jim Sanborn

Chair, Ortman for Senate

Editor’s note: As with the first letter, this letter was accepted to allow the letter writer, who was writing on behalf of his candidate and her campaign, a chance to respond to an issue that was raised in a letter from last week.

Mark Wickenhauser

Waconia Township