Letters to the Editor for Aug. 9, 2012

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 9, 2012

Keep our communities strong – shop local

To the editor:

In a recent edition of the NYA Times, I read about another local business closing its doors due to lack of business. It is sad to see local businesses close. The owners put a lot of hard work and their own money into their businesses only to fail.

I feel it is important for residents of small towns like Norwood Young America, Cologne, etc. to support their locally owned businesses. Small business is vital to our local economy as well as the economy of the United States. When money is spent in a small locally owned business in the local community, the money stays in our community, not to some rich stockholder in New York City!

Local businesses also support our local events. Without our local businesses’ support, local events such as Glad Days, Zummerfest, and Stiftungsfest would not be as fun as they are or maybe not possible at all.

I am not saying that we should shop only locally, that is probably unrealistic, but making a concerted effort to shop locally owned businesses occasionally will help our local communities continue to be great places to live!

Alan G. Tellers

Norwood Young America

Commissioners dispute ‘spendaholics’ label

Editor’s note: Although the newspaper’s policy does not normally allow election letters to run the week before an election, this letter was accepted to allow the letter writers a chance to respond to issues that were raised in a letter from last week.

To the editor:

Mr. Leuthner’s opening salvo ties all of our nation’s serious issues into one bundle, and then lays them at the feet of Commissioners Lynch and Ische.

I think everyone knows the county commissioners are not the cause of $4.2 million "that the state still owes Watertown-Mayer Schools"; nor are we responsible for any decision made by federal or state officials that may have caused "everyone to be broke," as stated by Mr. Leuthner.

Mr. Leuthner mentions pay. He fails to mention the fact that Carver County has the lowest paid commissioners in the seven county metro area, and the commissions have actually taken pay freezes and pay cuts over the past five years, and both Lynch and Ische voted in favor of those freezes and cuts; the Carver County Commissioners actually make less now than they did six years ago, just as many of our friends and family do.

"Spendaholics," as we were called by Mr. Leuthner, would not have worked so hard (and been successful) in reducing the county’s portion of real estate taxes during the past eight years. "Spendaholics"…? I think not.


Tim Lynch and Jim Ische

Carver County Commissioners

P.S. The paved Dakota Rail Trail stops at the county line … not the Black Hills.

Ortman’s campaign responds to critical letter

Editor’s note: As with the previous letter, this letter was accepted to allow the letter writer, who was writing on behalf of his candidate and her campaign, a chance to respond to an issue that was raised in a letter from last week.

To the editor:

I have followed politics for the past 25 years, and worked with many legislators in different states on many issues, and the simple truth is: Julianne Ortman is one of the hardest working, most effective legislators I have ever seen.

The Star Tribune recently called her a "legislative powerhouse" and here is an example of what they mean. As Chair of the Senate Tax Committee she turned a $6 billion budget deficit into a $1 billion surplus without raising taxes.

Last week in a letter to the editor, Carolyn Hoernaman tried to criticize Senator Ortman for not cutting more from the budget two years ago. However, Ms. Hoernaman’s candidate was asked "what state services should be cut?" by the Chaska Herald last week, he could not identify one program or one dollar of cuts! We deserve better.

I have had the pleasure of working with her family and campaign team and experiencing the fantastic support she receives from her constituents, volunteers, and fellow legislators. Join me in voting for Julianne Ortman for State Senate on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Jim Sanborn

Chair, Ortman for Senate