Minnetrista city hall, police building to receive roof repairs

By Blaze Fugina Community Editor

The Minnetrista City Hall and Public Safety buildings are receiving roof repairs after damage from a 2010 hailstorm and heavy snow during the winter of 2011 through 2012.

The Minnetrista City Council unanimously approved an agreement for Amcon Construction to begin planning the roof project for the cost of $8,500. The League of Minnesota Cities is planned to cover the cost through the league’s Insurance Trust. The city will have to pay the $2,500 deductible.

The hailstorm storm originally happened on July 17, 2010, 1-1/2 to 2 inch hail damaged the city’s roofs and automobiles.

According to the city council packet, the city filed claims for the damage in fall of 2010 with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust to replace the roofs and siding on the old Public Works facility, a shed and damaged vehicles. The damage to the roofs on the police and city hall buildings were considered cosmetic and not repaired at the time.

However, in the snowy winter of 2010, leaking was observed for the first time in the city hall roof. The snowfall also damaged the police building roof.

According to the city council packet, "excessive snowfall damaged the metal roof panels and ripped down the ice/snow guards located on the west side of the metal roof at the Public Safety facility."

Mike Barone, the assistant city administrator of Minnetrista, said after this they got an engineering firm to look at the roof for extensive damage.

"There was and their wasn’t," said Barone about whether they found extensive damage on the roof. "There was a lot of cosmetic damage. We went back and forth last year with the vendor on the hail damage, and by the time we got to the point where we had some resolution to bring before the council to replace (the police building and city hall roofs), the construction season was way too short to do that."

The plan is to put a new roof on city hall, and replace the west side of the Public Safety facility with new panels.

Barone said the company Amcon is planning to perform the architectural planning and project management – including construction – on the project for $8,500.

After construction is completed, the roof above the city hall building will have the same design as the police building. Barone said the current city hall roof is not a typical design for Minnesota.

"It’s called a Bermuda roof," he said. "You typically (see) roofs like this in warm tropical climates like Bermuda."

Barone said that Amcon Construction will conduct a bid process for contractors, and a recommendation will be submitted to the city by Aug. 29.

The recommendation will be brought to the Tuesday, Sept. 4 City Council Meeting.

The estimated completion date is Nov. 6, 2012.

Police Donation

The St. Bonifacius-Minnetrista Crime Prevention and Criminal Apprehension Fund donated $8,043.53 to the Minnetrista Police Department for various equipment upgrades.

The donations will go to a battery powered speed radar sign ($3,796), steel targets for firearms training ($972.53) and a retro fit of existing squad car graphics to match new squad car graphics ($3,275).

Easement Vacation

An easement was vacated for the planed construction of the Minnetrista River Valley Church property located at 5575 Westwood Ave.

The city council approved the vacation, which was required to combine the church lot with one that held a single-family home. The new combined lot is planned for the construction of a new church facility.