Citizens file for city, school seats

Filing for local city council and school board races opened on July 31 and closed on Aug. 14. The general election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6. The following citizens filed in local races.
Waconia: Three seats are open. The seats are currently held by Mayor Jim Nash (2-year term) and councilors Marc Carrier (Ward 1) and Larry Millender (Ward 2). Both councilor seats are 4-year terms. Nash has filed for mayor and Carrier (Ward I) and Millender and Charles Erickson (Ward II) have filed for council seats.
Waconia School Board: The board has three open seats, all of which are 4-year terms. Chairwoman Teresa Kittridge and directors Cathy Thom and Don Johnson currently hold these seats. Thom, Kenneth D. Varble and Naomi Erickson have filed.
Mayer: Three seats are open in Mayer. Mayor Chris Capaul (2-year term) and councilors Bruce Osborn and Tice Stieve-McPadden (both 4-year terms) currently hold those seats. Mike Dodge has filed for mayor and Osborn and Stieve-McPadden have filed for council seats.
Cologne: Cologne has three open seats, currently held by Mayor Bernie Shambour Jr. (2-year term) and councilors Jill Skaaland and Scott Williams (both 4-year terms). Matt Lein has filed for mayor and Williams and Jeffrey McInnis have filed for a council seat.
St. Bonifacius: Mayor Rick Weible (2-year term) and councilors Shawn Ruotsinoja and Jim Rudnicki (both 4-year terms) currently hold the three open seats in St. Bonifacius. Weible has filed for mayor and Ruotsinoja and Robert Smestad Jr. have filed for council seats.
New Germany: There are four seats on the ballot, which are currently held by Mayor Jason Kamerud (2-year term) and councilors Ty Turnquist (2-year term) and Shirley Jaeger and Marc Trujillo (both 4-year terms). Steve Van Lith has filed for mayor and Jaeger, Cathy Ruschmeier and Ty Turnquist have filed for the four-year seats and Nick Hartwig and Heather Wright have filed for the two-year seat.
Laketown Township: The township has one opening for a Township Supervisor (4-year-term). Kenneth E. Essig has filed for the supervisor position.
Camden Township: The township will accept filers for one Township Supervisor and one Clerk (both are 4-year terms). Virgil Stender and Stan Werner have filed for supervisor and Donna Baklund has filed for clerk.