Final candidates emerge after filing closes for local elections

Numerous candidates have emerged in local school board and city council races. Filing for those open seats officially closed on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

In Watertown, there are two city council spots up for election, with four candidates ready to vie for those spots. Rick Mann’s seat is open as he instead filed to run for mayor, and Nicholas Hoese did not file to seek re-election for his seat. The four candidates for those seats are Steve Washburn, Adam Pawelk, Jason Theisen and Chuck Charnstrom.

In Mayer, the city council seats belonging to Tice Stieve-McPadden and Bruce Osborn are both up for election this year. However, Stieve-McPadden and Osborn were the only two to file for the spots.

There are four seats up for election on the Watertown-Mayer school board. The spots belonging to John McCain, Chad Koehler, Jennifer Hoover and Steve Burns will all be on the ballot, and all four have filed for re-election. Also filing to run for one of the open spots are Bob Brasch, Gary Bjurstrom and Erin Blair.

In New Germany, Steve Van Lith was the only person to file for the mayor spot, which currently belongs to Jason Kamerud. The four-year council spots currently held by Shirley Jaeger and Marc Trujillo are aso up, and Jaeger, Cathy Ruschmeier and Ty Turnquist have filed for those spots. The two-year council seat currently held by Turnquist is up, and Nick Hartwig and Heather Wright have filed for that spot.

In Watertown Township, there are two supervisor seats and a treasurer position that will be on the November ballot. Incumbent supervisors Si Tesch and Scott Hoese are the only two candidates to file for those spots, and incumbent treasurer Dave Heldt was the only candidate to file for that spot as well.

In Hollywood Township, one supervisor position, currently held by Kent Kassulker, and the clerk position held by Becky Burns, will be on the November ballot. Kassulker and Al Leuthner have both filed for the supervisor spot, while Judy Warner was the only person to file for clerk.