A Dr. Seuss-style intro to Stiftungsfest

If Dr. Seuss knew NYA,
Here is what I think he’d say
About the party we love best
That wacky weekend, Stiftungsfest!

“I’ll not make light of what’s so old
But Germans, too, like fun I’m told
So please forgive what comes below,
Ready, set, and here we go.

Scarf a burger, glug a brew,
Don’t be shy, friend, here have two!
Pull those lederhosen tight,
Grab your stein and dance all night.

Oompa, oompa keep in step,
Tubas, trumpets, clarinet;
Polka in the tent arena
With that good old concertina.

Music’s how it all got started
Singers’ joy was made whole-hearted,
But much more’s been added on
Party now from dusk ‘til dawn.

Well, not quite, that is a stretch
Revelers too must stop and rest.
Three whole days now, count them all
For our Founder’s Festival.

Much to do and much to see,
Fun for all your company!
Car show, crafts and 5K run,
Everything under the sun.

Beds are racing up and down,
Hairball plans to rock the town,
Softball, kickball, pedal pull,
Don’t look now, your weekend’s full.

All should wear their Sunday best
The day we crown Miss Stiftungsfest.
Fireworks, inflatables, the
Play is great, the sky it glows!

Sheephead, Bingo, pancakes too
I can’t ask for more, can you?
What’s that? Eh? You want more bands?
Stomp your feet and clap your hands.

Diedesfeld and Alpensterne and
Rocket Club will take their turn,
Vision Blurred and Polka Beat,
Stolz and Nancy Buckentine.

There’s the Loehnig German Band,
Sauter and his daughters grand,
Bradley, Lange and Elsenpeter,
Cindy Eggers — meet and greet her!

Stiftungsfest is so much fun,
Founded 1861.
Whew! That’s all, this is the end,
To all who turn out, ‘Willkommen!’”

Paul Downer is the community editor of The Norwood Young America Times.