8-23-12 Down Memory Lane

Compiled by Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Aug. 22, 2002

Tiger Woods finished second at the PGA Championship at Hazeltine this past week.
Francis (Bob) Klein will be celebrating his 85th birthday at the American Legion this Sunday, Aug. 25.
This year’s volleyball team at Waconia High School will be anchored by seniors Emily Cousin, Amanda Lemke, Heidi Paulson, Meghan Menssen and Anna Jonas.
The 2002 Wildcat football seniors include: Jacob Sutherland, David Wabbe, Cory Tellers, Dennis Westlund, Andrew Fredricksen, Nate Koch, Mike Groschen, John Ansell, Dan Philp, Kory Rambow, Phil Pieper, Steve Kjergaard and Micah Young.
New Germany – Mrs. Tracy (Jopp) Bates is a new teacher at St. Mark School.
Rick and Peg Leuthner will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Aug. 23. There will be an open house at the Lakeside Ballroom.
Julianne Ortman, Republican and John Fahey challenger are running for the District 34 Senate Seat.

25 Years Ago – Aug. 20, 1987

An era has ended with the demolition of the convent at St. Joseph Catholic Church grounds in Waconia last week. The structure was 79 years old.
In 65 years of gardening Clarence Burau has never seen any like the tomatoes he is picking this year. They are huge! The largest tomato to date is a pound and a half. The next smallest tomatoes are two one and a quarter pound monsters. The Beefsteak tomatoes were grown from seed in Burau’s basement on East First Street in Waconia.
Viola Gatz and Gilbert Melchert, both of Waconia, were named Carver County’s Outstanding Senior Citizens.
St. Bonifacius- An unconfirmed tornado following Saturday night’s rainstorm took down a large tree in the yard of Ben and Sharon Vanderlinde’s home on Kennedy Memorial Drive. At least one other tree was reported down in St. Boni.
Waconia resident Lloyd Laumann, Tonka Corporation, is serving as a team leader for United Way of Minneapolis Area’s Community Campaigns designed to reach employees in suburban areas.
The cars of tomorrow are here today! A five-code push-button door lock is beginning to replace the key on modern cars. The computerized car today includes an electronic instrument cluster and an automatic seat belt.
Carol Stahlke will be 40 on the 22nd. Call and wish her Happy Birthday.
PATRIOT FORUM: You give your friend or mate an expensive gift, then break up a month later, Do you ask for it back?
“No, because if I gave it to them already it’s theirs; and besides I wouldn’t want them to do that to me.”-Jenny Raether-Waconia.
“No, because I gave it to him as a gift and it’s his.”-Char Hoen-Waconia.
“I don’t think so, because at the time you loved or cared for them.”-Donna Norman-Waconia.

50 Years Ago – Aug. 23, 1962

The Women’s Golf League will have their last day of organized play this Tuesday. Winners in the match play tournament were First Flight: Gladys Kaufhold and Betty Mayer. Second Flight: Darlene Schneider and Diane Gramith. Third Flight: Diane Luke and Bernice Vanderlinde.
Among winners in the Carver County Fair Kiddie Parade were, Wagons: Mike Engelen and Dave Kohlmann of Waconia; Doll Buggies: Kathie Engelen, Vickie Schwalbe and Jill Anderson of Waconia; Animals: Sharon Klein of Cologne and Dorothy Marquardt and Mason Geisen of Waconia; Bike-Trike: Deborah, Lynn Strait, Ann O’Connor and Laurie Jo Anderson, all of Waconia.
ANN’S BEAUTY SHOP: Ann Schesso, owner, 201 East Main St., Waconia. Beauty Specials! Regular Permanent Wave with Crème Oil, including hair cut-$6.25. Regular Custom Deluxe Permanent Wave, including hair cut-$10.00.
Mayer – Rita Farber is spending some time visiting her cousins at the Curtis Honebrink home.
This will be the third straight year VFW and Winkel’s will play softball in the championship.
Audrey Ann Harms was baptized in Zion Lutheran Church in Benton on Sunday by Pastor Melchert. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Harms (Helen Tuey).

75 Years Ago – Aug. 19, 1937

Waconia will offer the greatest fair on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be a parade with over 50 individual floats of all shapes and sizes. The parades will be held both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7 P.M. Cash prizes will be awarded to the five best floats in the mile long exhibition. In addition marching bands will show off their talents.
A permanent bandstand was built at West Union which cost more than five hundred dollars. It will be dedicated on Sunday.
The Waconia Community Band will take part in the dedicatory program. Vincent Santache will direct.
The folks at West Union have a splendid setting for concerts, which is hard to equal.
It is time to make your choice of a school for the 1937-38 school year, which opens Sept. 7. The Waconia High School with its new school building offers pupils educational advantages in a modern school with many practical courses and an efficient faculty. Agriculture is one of the new courses of study inaugurated last year. Mr. Louie Schreiber is the instructor in this department. Carver County has never offered any training to farm boys to help them in farm living until at Waconia High School.
In the United States more than 25 percent of our population lives on farms. Raspberry picking is going on now.
When you are 81 years young will you still be picking raspberries — and what’s more, keeping up with the young fellers? That’s what Mrs. Anna Drusch, 81, of near Hopkins,has been doing on the Ed. Hladky farm south of Glen Lake during the hot weather. For three weeks she picked berries on this farm and she set the pace for all the pickers.

100 Years Ago – Aug. 23, 1912

QUOTES FROM EVERYWHERE: “The man who is too lazy to pick seeds out of a watermelon doesn’t deserve any watermelon.”
“The scientific way to beat the high cost of living is to live on love.”
“One good way for a pedestrian to avoid automobiles is to buy a boat.”
“People are getting married in balloons, though any kind of marriage is risky enough.”
Ludeke Bros. Photo Play Company will again visit Waconia on Sept. 8 with a modern moving picture show.
Hobble skirts have gone out of style and those who are wearing them are doing so because they cannot afford to buy a new set of scenery every three months.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Henning and Helen Nimmer were to New Ulm this week to take in the 50th anniversary of the Indian Massacre. Many pioneer settlers from all over the state were present to assist in the celebration.
Take good care of your auto by feeding it the best oil, Havoline. Sold by Scheuble and Wagner, Waconia.