Local field set for upcoming fall elections

The field is now set for the upcoming fall elections in local cities after the period to file for city offices closed on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

In Norwood Young America, incumbent Mayor Tina Diedrick was the only individual to file for that seat, and will run unopposed this fall unless a write-in campaign takes place.

Incumbent city council members Dick Stolz and JR Hoernemann have also filed to retain their seats, while challengers Mike McPadden and Chad Pederson are seeking election to the council.

In Hamburg, incumbent Mayor Richard Malz is also unopposed, but incumbent council members Larry Mueller and John Barnes did not file for reelection. Two new individuals, Richard Odoms and Susan Block, have filed to fill those seats.

In Cologne, incumbent Mayor Bernie Shambour Jr. did not file for reelection. The only individual to file for mayor was current council member Matt Lein. As for the council, incumbent Scott Williams filed for reelection, but current councilor Jill Skaaland did not. Also filing for a council seat was Jeffrey McInnis.

In addition, Joel Sievers did not submit a valid filing form prior to the deadline, but has announced that he will run an active write-in campaign for the Cologne council.

All mayors will serve two terms, while council members elected will serve four-year terms.