Early verdict? W-M students app-reciate new iPads

By Ellie Poikonen, WMHS Senior

Ellie Poikonen
Ellie Poikonen

School is just around the corner, and many students are excited about the new addition to our school: the iPads.  Last week I heard many people talking about which day they were going to pick up their new iPads at the high school, and by the end of the week it wasn’t uncommon to see the devices glued to the students’ hands at get togethers and sporting events.

Although it is tough to say whether or not the excitement will wear off, I must say that right now there is a lot of it.  Good feelings about the iPads have been expressed on Facebook and by word of mouth.  I have seen a couple of Facebook statuses along the lines of, “I LOVE MY IPAD.” In conversations with my friends and peers, the phrase, “There is probably an app for that,” has become much more common.

Some of the things that students are looking forward to using the iPads for (apart from gaming) are: easy communication between teachers and students outside of the classroom, quick internet access for school research, simple data collecting for projects such as the FST surveys and students council polls, and interactive learning with videos and applications geared specifically towards students.  This list only displays a small part of what the iPads can do to make school more interesting and efficient. It should be fun to see what does and does not work out with the new technology in our schools.

Although we are the guinea pigs this year, I think it is safe to say that students are looking forward to the changes that their iPads will bring to this coming year.

Ellie Poikonen is the student  representative on the Watertown-Mayer Public Relations Committee.